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Power washing by Ohio Power Wash LLC
  1. A clean home equals higher home values! Keeping a clean appearance of the exterior surfaces at your property can increases the curb appeal for your home or business.
  2. A clean home is a healthy home!  Keeping germs, gleocapsa magma, algae, and mildew among other soils away from entrances to your home or business where they could come in contact with interior surfaces spreading bacteria inside your property.
  3. Protect your investment. Keeping the exterior surfaces clean at your home or business can increase the life of those surfaces and their paint, stain, or other covering.
  4. Reduce illnesses. Keeping bacteria from growing on your property protects you from unhealthy diseases attributed to germs and bacteria.
  5. If it looks better, it will perform better. A clean property is a happy property. Just like washing your car or cleaning the inside of you home, a clean exterior looks better and functions properly.

About Ohio Power Wash LLC:  Locally owned, Ohio Power Wash LLC is a licensed and insured power washing company offering services in the greater Dayton, OH area including Centerville and Springboro.

Ohio Power Wash LLC

Professional-grade power washing at home and at work
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Ohio Power Wash LLC


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