What makes our setup different and why that means a better result.

Our professional and commercial grade equipment sets us apart from local competitors and homeowner style pressure washers. We have built a system capable of handling small to large jobs on residential and commercial properties. A few things I would consider when hiring a professional is their expertise and equipment. We operate under the saying that “you are only as good as your tools” and we have invested in the best of the best! Some key features about our setup compared to a typical small pressure washer from a big box store:

ItemTypical pressure washer from Home DepotOur custom, commercial grade setup
Hose Length50ft high pressure hoseOver 1200ft of high and low pressure hose onboard
Water capacityN/A-hooks up to hose spigotAbility to carry 650 gal of water onboard
Specialty detergentsN/AOver 15 different detergents, soaps, and degreasers onboard
Gallons per min of flow0 to 3 from the factory, no user control0 to 8 controlled by the user with valves and nozzles
Users at one time1Up to 3
Maximum reach from the groundUp to ~20’Up to ~50’
Water temperatureSame as hose spigotUp to 200degrees