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What are the black streaks?

The black streaks on asphalt shingles are the visible side effect of an organism called Gloeocapsa Magma. This cyanobacteria grows and spreads by feeding on the granules of your shingles. Not only is this bacteria eating your roof decreasing the life of your shingles, it is an eye sore and hurts curb appeal. Ohio Power Wash LLC offers residential roof cleaning to help rid you of this problem.

Residential roof cleaning - Ohio Power WashOhio Power Wash - residential roof cleaning

What is our solution?

We use a custom built low pressure washing system to clean the black streaks without damaging your shingles. This method is recommended by the Asphalt Roofing Manufacturers Association. We begin by assessing your shingles and determining accessibility and special areas. Our next step kills the bacteria by applying a mix of specialized detergents and cleaning solutions with our low pressure system. During this step we rinse down landscaping and plant materials as well as areas of the house that may be subject to overspray. After we apply our solution, we let it do its job. In most cases, we leave the solution on the roof and let future rains wash away the dead bacteria. In some cases, we will wash off the dead bacteria while we are on the site. Either way, the end result is a much better looking roof with increased curb appeal and no more bacteria eating your shingles!

Why Low Pressure?

Using low pressure is an absolute must when cleaning shingles. While high pressure power washers work fine on concrete, brick, even asphalt pavement, they can quickly damage asphalt shingles. We do not use high pressure on any asphalt shingles. We use a custom low pressure setup with high volume capabilities. Your roof is one of your biggest expenses on your home. Be very cautious with contractors that say they can clean your shingles but do not have the proper equipment.

Increase your curb appeal!

No matter what size your roof is, the ugly black streaks are negatively affecting your curb appeal. Extend the life of your shingles while cleaning the ugliness off! Once we clean your roof, not only will you be 100% happy (our guarantee) you will forget how dirty it once was!

Before and after

Residential roof cleaning - Ohio Power Wash
Residential roof cleaning - Ohio Power Wash
Residential roof cleaning - Ohio Power Wash

Our guarantee

Ohio Power Wash LLC is focused on bringing you the best residential roof cleaning service. Get your free quote today. And don’t forget about our guarantee: If you are not 100% happy with our work, we will redo the services in question for free. If we cannot make you 100% happy and fix the issue to your satisfaction, we will pay another company of your choice to fix the issue.

About Ohio Power Wash LLC

Ohio Power Wash LLC is focused on bringing you the best power wash cleaning solutions. Ohio Power Wash LLC – Commercial and residential power washing in Dayton and surrounding areas by the only local company with the PWNA certification.

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